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Community Sports College student share advice on Children's Mental Health Week

2 February 2021

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Fleetwood Town's Community Sports College shared special messages to the local community with regards to Children's Mental Health Week.

Our Community Trust, alongside the College, would like children to think of the ways in which they can express themselves. It could be in words, what they wear, or by writing, drawing, or dancing!

Captain of the A-team, Spencer, said this: "If you are struggling with your mental health in lockdown, and feel like you have a lot of spare time on your hands, you can use this time to try something new.

"It could be something simple like trying a new skill for ten minutes a day or trying something that could potentially push you into the career path you want to go into. Remember, you are not alone, and don't be afraid to speak out."

Throughout the week, they shared links to pages that may help children find an outlet for their stress or worries and even reached out to some of the schools to see whether they could help in other ways.

The Trust also shared a video with their Health and Wellbeing Officer, Rob Larcombe as he talked about how children could express their emotions in a positive way. You could watch the video here.

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