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Former Players

More than 40 Former Players turn out for April's FPA meeting!

7 April 2022

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Fleetwood Town’s Former Players Association (FPA) were back on Thursday morning with over 40 members turning up to yet another successful meeting at Poolfoot Farm!

As normal, both FPA Chairman Stuart Murdoch and Secretary Phil Brown started the meeting around 10am with their opening remarks as the players settled in and got their cups of tea and coffee, with group images from old meetings as well as programmes from recent games were being passed around for everyone to look at.

Roy Dobson, a newcomer to the meetings, stood up in front of the crowd to give this month’s big talk about their careers. The Scouse accent rang around the bar at Poolfoot as he reminisced about his playing time at Fleetwood, including that day at Wembley back in 1985.

Another story came out about another former player, Roy Whitehouse, as they both played together during their times on the Fylde Coast.

He mentioned a programme interview Roy W did with Fleetwood a couple of years back, in which he wanted to question the details. He said about a certain back pass – they will know what we are talking about – and let's just say, there are two sides of the story!

The FPA would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting and wanted to say that they look forward to seeing you at Poolfoot Farm once again on Thursday 5 May at 10am.

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