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Chris Maxwell visits St Wulstans school in Fleetwood

11 January 2016

Goalkeeper stressed the importance of reading to the pupils

Goalkeeper Chris Maxwell visited St Wulstans primary school in Fleetwood this afternoon to stress the importance of reading to the young pupils.

Maxwell read a chapter from Harry Potter’s Philosopher's Stone book to over 70 young children, while also taking questions from pupils and teachers.

In what was the first player visit of the year, the Club’s education ambassador then answered questions about his footballing career before signing a number of autographs.

He said: “I think it’s beneficial for kids to read whether it’s for pleasure or for learning purposes as it will aid them when they get older.

“It was a good indicator to see how young people in our community are progressing. It was refreshing to see the work they put in, so too the teachers.

“The staff from schools in the area put a lot of work in, and it was nice to see so many bright faces eager to learn as it will put them on the path to a bright future.

“I hadn’t read Harry Potter in a while so it was a trip down memory lane for me! It was enjoyable and I’m glad the kids enjoyed it too.

“It was good to receive questions about reading and learning, and it’s pleasing to see the community really push the education side of things.”

Headteacher Mr Richard Sanderson thanked Maxwell for visiting the school, and admitted the pupils all enjoyed the engaging session.

He added: “The children in year five and six loved the Fleetwood Town player visit today. Chris is a player very well known to all the children.

“But he was not here today to talk solely about football, he was here to promote a love of reading to the pupils.

“We are trying to further improve the children’s enthusiasm when it comes to reading.

“Today, the children have seen that Chris also loves reading; it is vitally important that the children see that reading is fun for all.

“It is great to see reading is in ‘safe hands’!”

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